Thursday, January 7, 2010

Swallowing my pride

I hate admitting I'm wrong - particularly when I'm not.  This is an issue for me in normal life and it's even more pronounced at work.  My job might be menial, but I do it very well and I take offense to people telling me I've done something wrong.  Unfortunately, that's not something I'm supposed to convey to our clients (yesterday's post being a minor slip up).  Here's an email conversation between me and an annoying client:

Me: Here are the documents.
Client: There are a number of errors that need to be corrected before I sign this.
Me: No, actually, there aren't any errors in this document.  You don't read very carefully and thus don't understand that these "errors" are actually addressed elsewhere in the document.  Thank you for pointing out the mistakes.  I will correct the errors and get the documents back to you ASAP.

Sending that email sucked.


  1. People hate lawyers, Lawyers hate people. It's a vicious cycle

  2. We live and operate in a customer service based economy. I hate "admitting" when I'm wrong too, especially when I'm not. I also despise apologizing for a co-worker's mistakes - or covering up for them.

  3. @Namby -- People's hatred of lawyers is irrelevant to this story, because Nick is not a lawyer. He is a go-fer who happens to have a useless law license. Try to keep up with the theme here.

  4. Look up the word lawyer sometime. Also, get laid. You seem somewhat bitter.