Monday, March 29, 2010

Do not fuck with Tamika

Another great conversation with Tamika

Tamika: You won't believe what happened to me Saturday night.
Me: You're probably right.
Tamika: So, I was out with my girl and this guy started messing with us.  Now, you know I don't take no bullshit and I've got a fiery side to me.  So, I cuss this mother-fucker out and spit in his face.
Me: Well, who wouldn't?
Tamika: He left us alone for a while after that, but we went to go get some food later on and he was there 'cus we was in his 'hood.  What does this punk do?  Starts causing trouble again.
Me: Bad idea.
Tamika: I know!  I ain't scared of him just because he's all thugged out!  So, I get out my truck, take off my heels and take out my pistol.
Me: Whoa!  Run that by me again.
Tamika: You know I carry a pistol, right?
Me: I do now.
Tamika: So, yeah, and my girl, she's a state trooper, so she's got her pistol too and we're ready to go.
Me: There are zero flaws in this plan.
Tamika: This guy was lucky a bunch of my guy friends were around so he wasn't going to start anything.  If he did, I was gonna need your services.
Me: You would give me the most interesting cases.

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  1. ahahahahahaha, thanks, that made my day better.