Thursday, March 18, 2010

Job interview update

In case you were wondering, I have an update about the job interview I mentioned.  Here's what the recruiter had to say:
Your interview couldn't have gone better!  I had a great time talking to you.  You're very personable, professional, and I would love to work with you in the future.  Unfortunately, you don't have the experience we're looking for...there's nothing you could have done.
What's that weird feeling?  No, wait, I know this one.  Welcome back, crippling depression.  I missed you!


  1. Sorry, buddy. You'd think these guys could discern this sort of information BEFORE they get your hopes up and waste your time from your resume. At least this bozo let you know right away instead of stringing you along.

  2. buck up buddy. just keep on plugging away. at least you know there's hope out there now!

  3. At least you're not fat, right? That's one advantage you have over those people who are merely successful but are also obese. Better to be a thin go-fer/copy monkey than a fat, wealthy lawyer.