Monday, March 1, 2010


Whereas I was crazy-busy last week, I have dick going on today.  So, I have plenty of time to make a list of inconsequential updates in my life and post them on my blog.  Gotta do something to pass the time.

1) I bought a bottle of Beam on Saturday and, attached, was a coupon for a free frozen pizza.  It's like they're reading my mind!
2) Got an email from a recruiter about a job I applied for.  Granted, she hasn't called me back yet, that whore, but I'm  remaining optimistic.  Trying to, at least.
3) Secretary 1 has a friend who works at another law firm and she says they need an associate.  She now has a copy of my resume and instructions to tell her boss he can't function without me.
4) St. Patrick's Day is coming up!  Day-drinking is my favorite kind of drinking.
5) My knee is feeling better, so I get to start lifting again tomorrow.  Front-squats!
6) Secretary 2, though overly giggly, is really quite nice and seems to be fairly competent.

All in all, this week has not sucked so far.  Don't worry though, there's still plenty of time.

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