Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm not an idiot

I fancy myself a reasonably intelligent guy.  I know I must initially come across as a dumb, former jock*; but, anyone who has had any substantial contact with me knows that I actually can string coherent thoughts together.  That being said, I'm continuously surprised by the fact that my co-workers still think I'm retarded. 

Conversation 1
Attorney 2: We're having a problem with this client.
Me: This is the answer.
Attorney 2: That doesn't sound right...
Me: Yes, everyone disagrees with me and the answer runs contrary to all logic, but this seriously is the answer.  I'm not doing any more work until you at least entertain this answer as a possibility.
Attorney 2: Ok, I'll make some calls.

Conversation 2
Attorney 2: Nick, you were right!
Me: Yup.
Attorney 2: You should look more excited.  I really didn't think this was the case!
Me: I'm never surprised when I'm right.
Attorney 2: Hahaha, great answer.

*Having just read through this post, there's also a chance I come across as a dick.

1 comment:

  1. I am often mistaken for a former cheerleader, to go along with your jock rep, and the exact same thing happens to me constantly. Except I'm a girl, so we can all just pretend it was their idea all along. Which is sort of fun for about 10 minutes.

    I think I didn't used to be an ass, but after years of this shit, I have definitely developed an ass-ish bent. Good luck.