Friday, June 25, 2010

New guy

Well, they officially hired a new lawyer.  I was going to do a whole post on how I rank my daily depression levels, but this news came first.  Suffice it to say that today's depression level is "crippling."

The new guy, who will be replacing Attorney 4, starts on Monday.  Since they just told him he got the job yesterday, I think it's safe to assume he's currently unemployed.  He better have a lot more experience than I do or I'm going to livid...though completely incapable of doing anything about it.

Also, this is throwing off the way I reference my co-workers.  Should he be Attorney 6?  I suppose that's the easiest way to do it.

I get that he had nothing to do with this, but I'm going to have a very hard time not being pissed off at the new guy.  Maybe he'll be annoying so that my hatred of him will at least be partially justified.


  1. Dude, that's a sucker-punch to the nads. Did you ask them about it?

    Hard to believe they'd take the chance on a stranger after you already "fit in" there.

    I'll bet he's a 2010 grad...

  2. Hang in there man. I've been in your situation (ok, not the EXACT same situation but pretty damn close) and it eventually worked out. Just keep trying, keep your head up, and keep turning out entertaining blog posts!

  3. Who cares if he has more experience than you? We want to know if he's fatter than you. Can you imagine the agony of a fat guy getting a job as a lawyer while you enter your third year as a bar-licensed errand boy?

    Ooh, it would be even worse if he got laid more than you. I mean, he will, because he has a real job that pays real money, but if he is also fat? So awesome!

    Even so, the new guy being fat is the only way to spin this as less than a 100% cockblock. Or is getting cockblocked by a fat guy even worse for you?

  4. I think that you should refer to him as "douchebag". My two cents.

  5. I had that same experience while I was slaving away at doc review. Been working there for months, with the possibility of being made an associate dangling like a carrot in front of me... and they go and hire some douchebag as an associate. Sucks.