Thursday, June 24, 2010

SCRAM Bracelet

Here are two conversations I've had with my co-workers during lunch.  The girls bring in a lot of gossip magazines, so we were talking about Lindsay Lohan.  Don't judge me.

Me: I wonder how those SCRAM bracelets work.
Attorney 5: They take a small blood sample every hour.
Me: So, this thing periodically stabs you in the ankle over the course of the day?
Attorney 5: Yes.
Me: Haha, did you actually think I would believe that?
Attorney 5: It would have been funny.

Me: I keep forgetting to look up how this SCRAM bracelet works.
Attorney 2: I heard it takes a small blood sample every hour.
Me: Oh my god, stop!  Who would actually believe that?
Attorney 2: Believe what?  That's how it works.
Attorney 5: About that...
Me: Ahahaha


  1. HA! That was great for a giggle. Now I have to look up how they work...

  2. That's pretty damn funny...