Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Conversation with one of our clients regarding a new collections matter:

Me: Hey, your budget sheet has this deadbeat living in Unit 1; whereas, you have been sending all correspondence to Unit 2.  I'm a bit curious as to where he actually lives.
Client: He doesn't live in this country.
Me: Ok, my fault, that was way too open ended of a question.  Let me try again - which unit, in this particular building, does he own?
Client: Hang on, I'm on my roof, let me visualize this.
Me: Ok...
Client: I'm facing the street...there's no unit on the right...he's got to be on the left...He owns Unit 1S.
Me: Works for me.  FYI, you've been sending all correspondence to Unit 2S.  Given your excellent visualization skills, I have no idea how this mistake could have been made.

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