Thursday, June 17, 2010

Save the trees

I'm a closet tree-hugger.  You wouldn't know it unless you've known me for a while, but I'm actually quite concerned about saving the planet and all that nature stuff.

That being said, I get annoyed by all of the paper wasted by lawyers.*  So, I usually try to decrease the amount of paper I use and it pisses me off when people seem to go out of their way to spite me.

Before I file a complaint, I email the whole thing (six pages) to our client for review.  Then, all they need to do is send two signature pages back to me.  I don't need the rest of the document.  I will never use the extra copy.

Yesterday, I emailed a client twenty complaints.  In my email, I specifically said that I DO NOT NEED all twenty complaints mailed back to me; just the signature pages would be fine.

What do I get in the mail today?  Twenty full complaints.

In case you didn't do the math, that's a total of 120 pages.  Forty of which I needed, 100 of which I'm going to throw away.  My inner tree-hugger is very pissed off right now.

*Seriously, unless you've spent some time in a law office, you have no conception of how much paper can be wasted in a single day.  It is appalling.

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  1. Since the BP spill & the recent polling data showing the flip in attitudes towards global warming --- it doesn't really matter. Watch the History Channel special Earth 2100 to see what I mean.