Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's stuff like this

My boss comes across as a really nice guy.  If it's been a while since his last douchebag move, I find myself liking the guy.  Luckily, stuff like this keeps happening to remind me of how I really feel.

Every week, I ask for some actual lawyer work and every week I get the same response, "Of course I'll give you some lawyer work.  I've always got my eyes open for new stuff to give you.  We'll get you some more interesting stuff to work on pretty soon."

I should know better, but I get my hopes up.  I think to myself, maybe, just maybe, this is going to be the week it actually happens.  This is the week when Attorney 2 is going to walk into my office, set out a complicated legal problem he's having and ask me to help him take care of it.

Needless to say, that's not quite how things work.

Attorney 5: Attorney 2 has a project for you.
Me: Finally!  I knew he'd pull through eventually!
Attorney 5: ...yeah...our shelves are getting a little full.  So, here's a list of our current clients.  If you could weed out the files of clients we don't represent anymore, that would be great.
Me: What?


  1. Are they making sure that you don't hang a shingle and compete with them???

  2. I'm glad you don't link to Doug. I hate his guts!