Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lawyers are idiots

Here's the conversation of the day from the Daley Center.  I was with Clerk 1 and we were overhearing a conversation some lawyer was having with Clerk 2.

Lawyer: I need to take a look at a pleading I filed this morning.
Clerk 2: How do you think I'm going to do that?  And, why do you need it?
Lawyer: I need to remove a letter I accidentally attached as an exhibit.  Can't you just find it?
Clerk 2: Have you looked around?  How am I supposed to 'just find it'?  Also, you know you can't just take away an exhibit after you file a pleading, right?
Lawyer: But...it REALLY can't be in there.  Are you sure you can't find it and just let me take it off?

Clerk 1: Oh, lord.  Is he for real? 
Me: Seems to be.
Clerk 1: How can you be a lawyer and be this slow?  Don't you all need to take a test or something?
Me: Yeah...I've got nothing.

The real question is, how can he have a job while I don't?  Seriously, how is that possible?


  1. Most not surprising thing ever.

  2. D:

    To follow up on starting a practice, there's software that you can buy that will do collections for you: Generate letters, file complaints, etc: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Automated-DebtCollection-nytimes-1413056388.html?x=0


  3. Um, it's not a meritocracy.