Friday, July 9, 2010

Rejection letters/emails

In response to my mass mailing, the rejection letters and emails have already started to pour in.  The funny thing is, some of them are oddly nice and sympathetic.  I'm used to getting the standard rejection letter.  You know the one; it starts with "while we appreciate your interest" and ends with "good luck with your job search."  Tactful, yet soul-crushing.

I'm also used to getting some pretty curt emails.  Remember this one?  These sympathetic emails are new to me.

One guy actually wrote a full paragraph about how many resumes he's been getting and how bad he feels for me.  He goes on to say that he'll forward my resume around and that, if I'm still in this situation in a year, I should give him a call.

He may well be lying to me about all of that, but I appreciate the thought.  Makes me dislike lawyers a little less.


  1. Sometimes you get something better than the form letter, and that helps a lot. Hopefully your search is going better than my own, and those polite and personal rejection letters turn into polite and personal invitations.

  2. I'm a laid off T-1 BigLaw associate and prior to giving up on the legal field I sent out about 700 custom cover letters w/resume to specific people. Out of that 700 I got about 20 responses, with about a 4th of that number being personal.

  3. 20/700 response rate, and 5 personalized ones? Damn, you must be Atticus Bloody Finch! I'd love to have that kind of response rate. Mine's closer to 8/3000, with zero personalized. But then I didn't have the experience in BigLaw prior to my career in Big Taco.