Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things I'm not

Sometimes, I feel like I should make a list of "things I'm not" and distribute it to everyone I know.  For instance, I am not sympathetic to any problems arising out of the hiring of Attorney 6.  I don't know why Attorney 3 chose to have the following conversation with me, but she did.

Attorney 3: Oh my god, I just don't understand how he's having so much trouble.
Me: Yeah, that's a tricky one.
Attorney 3: He just keeps making the same mistakes over and over again.
Me: Yeah.
Attorney 3: I mean, like, a monkey could do his job!
Me: I know.
Attorney 3: Do you know how many hours of my day I spend trying to walk him through things again and again?!?
Me: If only there had been a simple way to avoid that problem...

"Things I'm not" is definitely going to be a recurring topic on my blog.


  1. Can't you just be honest to her/him? Say something like "I'm to wrong person to ask all this, because I wanted his job in the first place". Might get them to start thinking.

  2. Anonymous has a good point. But what if Attorney 6 was canned - would you want his job after what they put you through?

  3. How the hell did they not hire you? Did they ever give you a reason?

  4. Oh, everyone knows that I wanted the job. I've been here for several years and can't find anything else. It's not hard to figure out.

    She was really just venting. I've known her for a while and we're not that far apart in age, so we have a pretty friendly relationship. I just don't think she realizes how annoying it is to be told some of this stuff.

  5. EH: You bet I would want his job. It would be a lot more money and I'd get some marketable experience. Then, I could actually find a way to get out of here.

    11:26: While I was never given an explicit reason why I didn't get hired, I'm assuming that my boss is worried I'd leave at the first better opportunity (which I would) and he knows I don't really like being a lawyer. These two posts cover the topic in more detail.

  6. Man, you are awesome. I would have a really really hard time listening to all that. I'd have to say something like:

    "You know, I think this is costing you more in the long run. Yes, I would probably leave if something else came along, but in the meantime you would have an efficient and knowledgeable person doing the job, and that saves you time, money, and frustration. Isn't it worth it, even if you have to replace me? Because you can be damn sure once Attorney 6 gets the hang of this he'll take another job just to avoid the humiliation of his past."

  7. "I'm assuming that my boss is worried I'd leave at the first better opportunity (which I would)"

    So will Attorney 6. So will anyone. That's a bullshit reason not to hire you. Aren't they worried that you will leave your current position for the first better opportunity?