Monday, November 22, 2010


You know what's weird?  So far, Attorney 6 hasn't had any contact with the new clerk.  I find this odd because the new clerk is going to be working almost exclusively for Attorney 6, so I thought Attorney 6 would want to have some contact with the guy before I leave.  I guess I was wrong.

Provided the new clerk can do everything I do, just as fast and as well as I do it, this isn't going to be a problem.  I can do this job on auto-pilot and fix any problems that arise without needing to talk to anyone over the course of my day.  If, however, this clerk needs any form of guidance what-so-ever, the lack of communication between the two of them might be an issue.

But, do you know who's problem this isn't?  Mine.

I love being able to say that.

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