Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Attention to detail

Whenever anyone new starts, Attorney 2 has a huge lecture he gives about the importance of attention to detail and how any small error can completely fuck up a case.  Afterward, I usually give my own lecture about how most mistakes can be fixed and that this job really isn't that hard because, seriously, it's just filling in blanks.  This new clerk is making me eat my words and actually causing me to repeat parts of Attorney 2's lecture.

Pleadings Attempt #1
New Clerk: Here you go.
Me: ...ok, it's not bad.  But, this is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong and this is wrong.  Just go off of the sample I gave you and use the cheat sheet I made up.
New Clerk: Ok, I'll go fix it.

Pleadings Attempt #2
New Clerk: Here you go.
Me: Ok...this is still wrong, this is still wrong and this is still wrong.  You did notice that I circled the errors in the first one, right?
New Clerk: How did I miss those?!?  I'll go fix it.

Pleadings Attempt #3
New Clerk: Do you want to review this before I print it out?
Me: No.  This is the third try.  I can't imagine anything is wrong.
New Clerk.  Ok, here you go.
Me: ...ok, seriously?  You're still claiming the wrong dollar amount.  Listen, the hardest part of this job is ATTENTION TO DETAIL.  If the slightest thing is wrong EVERYTHING WILL BE FUCKED UP. 

Oh my god, Attorney 2 might actually be right about needing to give that lecture.  Just so you know, three pleadings that would usually take me half an hour just took two and a half hours.  Things should get fun when I leave.


  1. Well, things could be worse.

  2. I'd say give it a while

  3. You have two #2 attempts. Everything is fucked up!

  4. Hahaha, well played, anonymous poster. Well played.

    The mistake has been fixed and this is way more posting than I intended to do while drunk and snacking the night before Thanksgiving.

    fyi, bars in my home town are so much cheaper than Chicago it's always a recipe for disaster.