Sunday, December 12, 2010

Favorite conversations

Here are two of my favorite conversations from the past few days.  The first one is between me and opposing counsel at court.  She was nice and I was just shooting the shit with her after our case was done.

Other lawyer: Oh, you work for ________?
Me: Yeah.  He can be...interesting.
Other lawyer: Haha, yeah, I can't stand him.  Working for him must be "interesting."
Me: Oh, thank god!  I'm not the only one!
Other lawyer: Don't worry.  Just keep your eyes open and something
else will come along.  Don't let him get to you.

It's not just me!

The next conversation is between me and Paralegal.  We went out for happy hour after work on Friday.  When my boss went to the bathroom, we had this conversation.

Paralegal: So, your office is cursed.
Me: Oh?
Paralegal: Yeah.  You're the 4th associate we've had in the past year.
Me: I'd heard rumor of that.  I take it there's some turnover in this office?
Paralegal: Yeah.  So, I'm not going to bother talking to you since I figure you'll be gone in a couple of months.
Me: Haha, okay.
Paralegal: ...
Me:'re serious?
Paralegal: ...
Me: Right...

On the bright side, I suppose this explains why she hasn't been talking to me.


  1. Have totally been there with opposing counsel making comments about the boss. So awkward (and dangerous).

    WTF with the paralegal, though?

  2. Paralegal refusing to talk to you will make it less awkward around the office after you have sex with her in the bathroom.

    Or is she fat? I know you hate fat people because you are so much better than them. If she's fat, you shouldn't be talking to her anyway.

  3. I worked for a firm like that. They went through associates and support staff like chocolate at a holiday party. It was horrifying and emotional abusive. Took awhile to get over it after I turned in my resignation and left the same day.