Sunday, February 27, 2011

Office supplies

Old Lawyer: Do you know where the pens are?
Me: I'm not really sure.  I brought this one from home.
Old Lawyer: Where do we keep the pens?
Secretary: Oh, Dick Boss doesn't supply pens.
Old Lawyer: Seriously, I need a pen.
Secretary: Well, I'd suggest you bring one from home.
Old Lawyer: Right...

Dick Boss: Hey, here are three pens.  Maybe this will make Old Lawyer stop complaining.
Me: Thanks....MB Bank?
Dick Boss: They're free.
Me: Of course.

Dick Boss: Got more pens for you guys.
Me: MB Bank?
Dick Boss: Free is free.

Dick Boss: More pens.
Me: Free is free.

Gotta hand it to the guy, we can't complain about not having pens anymore.


  1. Your dick boss is such a cheap asshole. Your law clerk gig actually sounded better than this shithole hell of a place. Good luck with finding another job.

  2. In fairness, free is free.

  3. In fairness, free is indeed free. Pilot G-2s are better. Your boss sounds like the one next door to me--cheap to a degree I can't comprehend.

  4. An attorney with his own practice to grow who invests time in repeatedly returning to a bank to swipe pens sounds penny-wise and pound foolish. Why am I not surprised?