Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Unemployed adventures

As I've mentioned before, I'm going to try to visit one new place each day while I'm unemployed.  This will give me a reason to leave my apartment and will give me at least one thing to talk to other people about when they ask about my day.  Believe it or not, telling people that I applied for jobs and then waited for my phone to ring gets pretty old.

Yesterday, I had big plans to visit the Newberry Library.  Unfortunately, you apparently can't just wander around the library on your own.  Instead, you need to go on one of the days that they have tours.  Since I'm a pretty big library dork and really wanted to spend some time wandering around a new library, I was pissed.

Instead of wandering around the library like I wanted, I took a meandering two hour walk back to my place.  I can't say it was as interesting as the library was going to be, but I guess I learned a couple of things.

Did you know that "Streeterville" was named after Captain George "Cap" Wellington Streeter?  I sure didn't.

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