Thursday, September 22, 2011


Going to the Emmys was awesome.  The Emmys themselves were a little boring, but I really enjoyed the red carpet and all of the pre-Emmy excitement.  Unless you actually know me, you probably care about all of the details.  So, for blog purposes, I'm just going to tell my favorite story of the night.

Even though it was crazy-expensive, I got a towncar to take us to and from the Emmys.  I figure, if I'm going to the Emmys, I may as well do it right.  Because it makes the following conversation more entertaining, I have to mention that our driver was a big, black guy.

Once we got near the Emmys, everything was blocked of for security purposes and we didn't really know where we were going.  Our driver pulled up to one of the entrances just to see what would happen and we were immediately stopped by security since we didn't have a pass.  I guess the particular route we were attempting to take was only for famous people.  Here comes the awesome part of the story:

Driver: How do I through to the Emmys?
Security: You can't get through this entrance if you don't have a pass.
Driver: I'm sorry, but my clients forgot their pass in their hotel room.
Security: (looks at me and my girlfriend) Who are these people?
Driver: THIS IS MR. D!!!
Security: OH!!  We're so sorry.  Here, have a pass to put in your window and go on through.

And that's how we managed to get dropped off at the Ritz Carlton, rather than having to walk from outside the security checkpoint.  Overall, best driver ever.


  1. What an awesome driver!

  2. I hope you gave him a good tip, he sounds awesome. :)

  3. How does the driver's race or size make this story more entertaining?

  4. I think a big black guy yelling, "THIS IS MR. D" is more entertaining than an average sized white guy.

    Picture it being said by Michael Clarke Duncan. It has a bit more gravitas, no?