Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Must have been looking good that day

At the very least, I'm getting some good stories from this job.  I walk into this one really big office, having no idea what type of business it is, and I introduce myself to the receptionist.  She tells me to wait and she'll get their office manager.  After a couple of minutes, this really busy man runs over to me and we have this conversation:

Man: You're my two o'clock, right?  Go get changed!
Me: What? No, that's not...
Man: Get dressed!  We're already late!
Me: Seriously.  You've got the wrong guy.  I'm selling office supplies.
Man: What?
Receptionist: Yeah, you've got the wrong guy.
Man: Oh...ok. I'll go look somewhere else.
Me: What was that all about?  What is this place?
Receptionist: You don't know?  This is ABC Modeling Company.
Me: Hahaha!  I must be having a good day.

Maybe it's time for a career change.

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