Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nobody cares about your kids

While perusing the other blogs out there, I couldn't help but notice how many of them are devoted to people's kids. My kid did this, my kid did that. He had a birthday, looks cute in a sailor outfit and likes to eat sand. Whatever. Anyone who actually gave a damn about your little sand-eater was there watching him eat sand. Hell, half of the people who were actually there don't give a damn about the kid, which is probably why he was allowed to eat sand in the first place.

Almost forgot my personal favorite kid blog: the account of a toddler's day from his point of view. Listen, there's a reason kids can't talk: they don't do anything worth talking about. For instance, "Today I spent my morning in the park with Grandma. Then mommy came home and we played with my new toy. I was so tired I napped for hours!" Really? Writing that is how you've chosen to spend your free time and waste mine? I have to think that a parent would have more important things to do than give a first person account of their child's day.

Listen, I'm not saying my blog should be on the top of everybody's "must read" list. I know very few people want to know what I think about law, being underemployed, or whatever else strikes my interest. I'm just saying that nobody wants to hear about your kids. You know how some people will tell you in depth stories about their cat and you impatiently roll your eyes waiting for them to get to a story about an actual person? It's like that.

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