Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When being happy makes you sad

Do you ever get really excited about something, realize what you just got excited about, and then get extremely depressed?

The other day I successfully traced the history of a PIN related to a confusing situation we're having with a homeowners association.  I came to the conclusion that they may not, in fact, own a piece of property which they, allegedly, owe delinquent taxes on.

I was elated.  I don't mean I was just a little pleased with myself.  I mean I was bordering on giddy.  Hell, I was a problem solving machine!  You need a problem solved?  You come to me!  Why?  Because I'm king of the mother-fucking office, that's why!

Then I realized I just got that excited about a PIN.  I didn't cure cancer.  I didn't win a prize.  I didn't get a raise.  I didn't even reduce the amount of paperwork on my desk.  All I did was spend days tracing the history of a PIN.  And, as it turns out, my brilliant conclusion, though correct given the facts available, will probably require some additional investigation.  Crap.  I bummed myself out all over again.

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