Monday, November 2, 2009

Stoner etiquette

Over the weekend I was grocery shopping at Jewel.  On the way down one aisle, my way was blocked by a couple who reeked of weed and were in the middle of a lengthy discussion about whether they should get brown sugar & cinnamon or strawberry Pop-Tarts.  I politely asked them to move to the side of the aisle so that I could get through and they had the nerve to give me a dirty look.

Fuck you, stoners.  I have no problem with you being high and in Jewel, but understand that there's some basic etiquette to be observed.  First and foremost, if someone who is not high asks you to do something, you fucking do it.  Who do you think is the better judge of whether you're being a jackass?  You?  Or the sober guy trying to get around you? 

The fact that they actually needed that much time to decide on Pop-Tarts was not helping.  Brown sugar & cinnamon all the way.  That's not something you should even need to think about.

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