Thursday, June 10, 2010


Attorney 2 just mentioned that he'll let me go to court with Attorney 3 sometime in the near future.  He also made sure to mention that I have to be proactive about this because, although me going to court would be a help to the firm and will help the "smoke and mirrors" aspect of calling myself an attorney, it is also going to be a huge inconvenience for Attorney 3.  I'm really just going to be a hindrance to her and taking me to court is not something she needs, or wants, to do.

Wow, thank you for this huge fucking opportunity, Attorney 2.  Mostly, thank you for being so gracious about it.  You are a mentor to me in so many ways and you continuously strive to foster an environment where I can learn and work to my highest potential.

Or, you're a semi-retarded ass-clown who has been nothing but a detriment to my career.

Given that I've seen you drunk and attempting to smoke through your ear, I'm going to go with the latter.


  1. Atty 2 sounds like fun. I'm pretty sure you can call yourself an attorney whenever the fuck you want because, um, you are one. What an ass.

  2. By "smoke and mirrors" he is referring to what I should call myself on my resume. As it is, my position is "law clerk." If I go to court, even if I'm not officially a lawyer, he's cool with me calling myself a lawyer for resume purposes.

    Yes, dealing with him is fun.

  3. Yeah, but "lawyer" isn't so much a job title as a profession. If you leave the job and don't have another, you're a lawyer. If you retire, you're a lawyer. That fuck can't take it away from you. You're not "associate attorney" or whatever, but you're still a damn lawyer.