Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Law Rant Part VIII

Do you know how boring law has made me?  So boring that I'm blogging about how boring I am.

I've been sitting around for the past day, just waiting for something to happen worth blogging about, and I've got nothing.  Nothing at all.

All I did yesterday at work was fill in blanks and stand in line. That's it.  Nothing even moderately entertaining happened to me between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm.

Before you say it, yes, I know this is probably true for all office jobs, not just for lawyers.  I don't think I'm special; I just like to complain.

The worst part has got to be telling people about my day.  Seriously, who wants to hear about what lawyers do?  Nobody.  It's just not worth telling.  For example, this is a recent conversation I had with my mother, who is a surgeon:
Me: Hi, Mom.  What's new?
Mom: Well, I had a somewhat hectic day.  I was in surgery and there was a tornado warning.  We're not supposed to operate during those, so we were closing up as quickly as possible.  All of a sudden, the power to the hospital went out AND something went wrong with the backup generator.  So, we had this poor patient bleeding everywhere and none of our machines were working.  We had use one of those hand things to make her breath (I forgot the word) while I tried to close things up as best I could in the dark.  The power came back on in about ten minutes, but it was an exciting ten minutes.
Me: Wow!
Mom: How was your day, sweetie?
Me: I filled in blanks and stood in line.
Mom: Oh.  Well, that's nice.
My most exciting day as a lawyer will never be able to touch that story; and she has dozens more, just like it.  I definitely veered off course at some point if I wanted an exciting job.

I suppose I could also reference that story if I ever blog about the alleged "stress" lawyers always complain about.


  1. Get in a trial heavy practice. You life will be exciting.

  2. Hang in there...at least you have a job to whinge about.

  3. We're all boring people pretending we aren't. Oh well. At least we drink well?