Friday, June 4, 2010

More updates

Don't be fooled, nothing has actually happened.  But, these count as updates, nonetheless.

1) I applied to the two positions suggested by the old guy.  He said he'd even be a reference for me.  Fingers crossed...

2) Old guy also set me up with some big-shot lawyer who practices in health law.  He's the "chair" of the health law group at a pretty big firm.  He doesn't think there's much available at his firm, but I'm having lunch with him next week.  It's good to know the old guy is actually pulling for me.

3) My girlfriend's boss is looking at my resume.  It's official - my girlfriend's boss has now been more helpful than my entire firm.  Take a minute for that to sink in.

4) Secretary 2 is pissing everyone off and might get fired.  Apparently, talking about everyone behind their backs, in an office of eight people, was not her best idea.  Go figure.

5) It's looking like I'm definitely not getting Attorney 4's job.  I'm not basing this on any direct conversation Attorney 2 has had with me.  That would be silly.  I'm basing this on several vague comments about how he's still on my side, that he's going to try to get me some court time, and a not-so-funny joke about how I should take Secretary 2's job if she gets fired.

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